That's a word I learned from my mother (photo at right). She was born in southern Louisiana where the term is common. It's a small gift or an unexpected benefit. That's what I intend here.

I'll suggest some good books, chat with a few friends, and link to occasional personal thoughts and musings. I might even relate a few of the misadventures on this writer's life. You will not be tested on this material.

Feel free to drop me a line. I'm always eager to hear from fans.

The Writing Life

In this section, Mike intends to shed a little light on himself and his writing buddies, with occasional ponderings, wanderings and wonderings, as well as a selection of news items that may remain of interest to readers interested in a glimpse into the nuts and bolts of "the writing life."


Find out what's happening now in Mike's world!


This web site isn't the only place to find Mike's musings and mumbling. He contributes lots of places (see list below) and became a regular contributor, along with many of his fellow Poisoned Pen Press authors, at the Poisoned Pen Blog until life got in the way. To see just Mike's contributions, use the list below. But you may want to check out everyone's posts. Them Poisoned Pen authors seem to have something to say about everything!

A Boy and His Blog

Why Write About Kansas

The Werewolf of Tucson

Murders Rip Rural Community

Book Story

A Letter to Santa

How I Broke into Writing Profession with a Sale to One of America's Most Popular Magazines

A Crime of the Heart

Me 'n Guns

The Terrorist Who Played World of Warcraft

The General Comes Marching Home Again

The Tragedies of Aimee Adams: A Murder Victim's Story

Scene of the Crime with Author J.M. Hayes

My Book the Movie

J.M. Hayes Interview

Page 69 Test, Broken Heartland

How I came to Write English Lessons: Repro Man and the Outlaw

North Slope: Mammoth Archeological Discoveries in Alaska

Other Lagniappes For You

The 2004 Kansas Tour

Can you really call something with only two stops a tour?

Road Trips and Writing Tips

Can you say Homeland Security?  I can't.

Southwest Crime Ink

The Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave 2009

Some snaps from last October's Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave, held in Manhattan, Kansas.

"Partridge Daze"

Mike's busy on his new novel -- and believe me, it's gonna definitely raise some eyebrows. But for those of you homesick for Benteen County, check out a mini story Mike wrote for the Partridge Rural High School Class of '62's 50th reunion, which he attended.

The Great Bear and I

Mike's very close encounter with a grizzly -- within a few hours of arriving on the tundra.

Ever Wonder What Mike Reads?

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